Black thug chat

His cock was so long and thick that I couldn't reach his balls though. We were both in ecstasy as I sucked away on his penis, occasionally pausing to take a deep drag on my cigarette. I held the ciggie in my teeth as I wanked him roughly. All good cocksuckers know when the golden moment is about to happen.

His cock was as hard as iron now, measuring about 11 inches, I expertly estimated. I wrapped my lips around the head of his penis and stroked the shaft, desperate to taste his seed.

He brought over the drinks and we cuddled together and chatted for a while. I apologised if my smoking was a concern but he said he always liked his women to smoke. Kingsley had dumped a huge load of his hot seed into my mouth but a rampant sissy fag like me was not done with him yet.

We started kissing and I stroked my red talons down his muscular body, slowly down his chest, across that perfect six pack and down to his beautiful black genitals.

I estimated his length at about 9 inches but he still wasn't fully hard.

I looked up adoringly at my daddy, took the head of his cock in my willing mouth and gave a cute little wink.

I stepped towards him and sticking out my huge fake tits and wiggling my ass as sexily as possible. "Sure, babe", he reached into his pocket and pulled out a light.

"Oh that would be so nice." I lisped, fluttering my thick lashes shyly. " I looked up with big doe-eyes, looking for his permission and approval.

Of course, I swallowed every drop, like the good gurl I was, but only after swirling the semen around my mouth, enjoying the taste.

area is seeking a couple where the wife has him cucked but good.

Go on, take it out." "I pulled his cock from his pants and it hanged down before my face, semi-erect. I quickly lit another More and focused my attention on his huge penis.

I could feel his dick twitching and knew I would get my reward any second.

I suddenly felt his hot, salty semen flood into my mouth.

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